Facial Abuse Bimbo ‘Bused And Bred

Facial Abuse Bimbo 'Bused And Bred

Who doesn’t love a bimbo of the blonde variety, especially one who follows orders? She isn’t too funny, although watching her shiver like she’s possessed after having the gross contents of the ‘whore bowl’ dumped on her head is sort of amusing. She ate the old man’s ‘Legend Bootlegs’ like it was subsidized cheese from the government. She took that yellow discipline not only into her mouth but all over her face as well. Her head felt like a flashlight in a basement belonging to an incel. This is what she does for a living and she got bred by the vaccinated vandal which means more gubment cheese is coming her way. Plus, three separate loads were deposited onto her poor little face in such an embarrassing and degrading manner that it made even baby Jesus shed tears. In true prostitute fashion, she dutifully finished off the remaining cum like it was her job.

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Facial Abuse